Paulo Coelho Alves and his sunny setup in Lisboa, Portugal

Apr 2024

Taylor Troesh and his whimsical setup in LA, California

Jan 2024

Jerod's programming and podcasting setup in Nebraska, US

Jun 2023

Roman's flexible and constantly evolving setup in Hong Kong

Jan 2023

Peter Cooper's setup for programming, writing newsletters, and listening to vinyls

Oct 2022
A picture showing a wooden desk with three wide-screen monitors on it. There is a picture behind the desk on the wall showing a lake. A warm-light lamp behind the monitor on the middle. The biggest monitor on the right shows Grafana with different metrics. The monitor in the middle has a code editor open.

Chris Beach's comfy home office in the UK

Sep 2022

Martin Jones' homebuilt, remote teaching station

Sep 2022

Dashiell Bark-Huss' cozy setup for running a startup and hacking on lucid dreams in Chicago, IL

Aug 2022

Holly Cummins' clean and minimalistic setup in London, UK

Aug 2022