Hacker Stations is a collection of computer setups by software engineers, developers, admins, data scientists, and other people from tech who tinker with computers for fun and profit.

“Hacker” here refers to the original definition where “hacker simply meant advanced computer technology enthusiast (both hardware and software) and adherent of programming subculture”.


How often new setups are published?

Every Friday.

How to submit, or refer a setup?

If you would like to submit your setup, or know somebody who should be featured on Hacker Stations, please send me an email.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, polished, resemble a starship, or an office of a Swedish architect as long as it’s a real workspace where you do interesting, technical things worth being called “hacking” (read about the term above).

There are other blogs and newsletters like this, but Hacker Stations strives to focus only on tech professionals, mostly software engineers or similar. Also, while visually pleasing setups are always nice to have - it’s not the main requirement. Read above.

Who is behind this?

My name is Vitaly. I live in Berlin, Germany. You can learn more about me in the first post on this blog.